Our core strength lies in our ability to manage Marine/ Shore industrial technical services to owner’s satisfaction.
Our company, additionally, works in co- operation with experienced personnel from the shipping/ shore industry, academic & software fields.
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The company was founded by ex Technical superintendents and Chief Engineers and has grown into a mutlifaceted company with inclusion of experienced Senior Marine Engineers with vast experience on-board various vessels and in ship-building and repair yards. The core competence of the company remains managing marine projects, including ship-building, warship and government ship refits, emergency repairs and lay-up repairs of merchant vessels.

The Company is exploring new avenues of work in similar fields and has started undertaking projects involving installation of generating equipment, sewage treatment, water treatment planes and other machinery in various shore factories and other consumers.

The company envisages to diversify into plant and machinery erection and effluent treatment, sewage treatment plants, Water treatment and RO Plants, including design, installation and commissioning for reputed customers.



The Long term Vision of the company is to occupy a prime place in Marine Industry and become a leading solutions provider to marine and shore-based customers for general equipment/machinery requirements, treatment plants and specialised machinery design and installation.



We are leaders in marine industry, providing service for engine repairs, pumps and pipelines maintenance, ship-hull maintenance as well as new shipbuilding projects. We also provide reliable service to factory establishments and some reputed construction project management firms who utilise our expertise for installation, maintenance and repairs of water-treatment plants, sewage and effluent treatment plants and RO Plants for domestic and industrial consumption.

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